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Winner - Gold

2019 San Francisco
World Spirit Competition

2019 Los Angeles
INTERNATIONAL Spirits Competition

an exceptional blend of the finest expressions of matured and cask-aged
kokuto, or “black sugar,” shochu from our distillery on Amami Island, Japan.

Elegantly smooth and drinkable, Nankai Gold offers remarkable layers
of fruit, floral, and malty aromas with gentle notes of raisins, chocolates and honey.

Enjoy this rare and exquisite spirit neat or on the rocks.

making Nankai Gold

Nankai Gold is a 43% ABV blend of artisanal black sugar shochus single-distilled from black sugar (80%) and rice (20%).

It is produced exclusively by our distillery on Amami Island, Japan.

Each shochu in the blend is handcrafted from only four natural ingredients: sugarcane, rice, koji yeast, and water.


A portion of our blend is single-distilled via vacuum distillation to create a smooth and delicious finish.

Vacuum stills lower the boiling point of alcohol by half, resulting in a softer, gentler distillation.

Finishing in Oak Casks

Our artisans masterfully finish our select shochus in American white oak and French Limousin casks. Each shochu is aged up to 5 years before being blended into nankai gold. 

The result is a unique and complex experience worthy of your attention.

Nankai Gold is a handcrafted, cask-aged shochu, a traditional Japanese distilled spirit.

Unlike whiskey, shochu uniquely uses “koji” in the fermentation process. shochu is also single-distilled to preserve the luscious flavors and aromas of the source grain.

However, if you’re a fan of Japanese whiskeys, you will love how the beauty of shochu and whiskey making are elegantly combined into one gorgeous bottle.

Nankai Gold Cocktails

best enjoyed however you’d like, but we prefer it on the rocks with  a single large cube or neat.

We’re also a sucker for a good Old-Fashioned or Highball.

Discover what you prefer and go with it.

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premium vacuum-distilled Japanese shochu

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