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Shochu Cocktail Recipes

Nankai Shochu and Nankai Gold are excellent on their own, but they also make extraordinary cocktails.

Nankai Shochu:
The Perfect Low-ABV Cocktail Spirit

Nankai Shochu is a 24% ABV distilled spirit with full body and character. It has no sugar, carbs, or gluten, and less than 40 calories per ounce. 

Its vacuum-distilled smoothness and ability to elevate flavors makes Nankai the perfect base for low-ABV cocktails. 

You can read more about the rising trends in low-ABV cocktails here.

Nankai Gold:
A Luxurious
Barrel-Aged Spirit

Nankai Gold is a 43% ABV distilled spirit blended from a variety of atmospheric and vacuum-distilled expressions. Each is finished in a different oak cask for three to five years.

Incredibly smooth but layered with complexity, Nankai Gold is a luxurious spirit to use in cocktails.

Shochu Cocktail Recipes

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