Vacuum-distilled Smooth taste
No sugar, carbs or gluten.
Only 40 Calories per ounce.
Discover Shochu — Japan’s #1 Spirit.
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Discover the Original Japanese Craft Spirit.
Premium Blended Shochu Finished in Oak Casks.
Exclusively From Amami Island, Japan.

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“This crisp shochu goes
down as easy as vodka —
and is easier to mix with”

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Nankai Shochu

• 24% ABV Vacuum-Distilled Shochu
• Ultra low calories and no carbs or sugar
• Perfect introduction to shochu

Nankai Gold

 43% ABV Premium Blended Shochu
• Finished in American and French oak
• Perfect for whiskey lovers

What is Shochu?

Shochu is a Japanese distilled spirit made typically from barley, sweet potato, or kokuto sugar.

Most spirits are distilled at least twice, losing flavor with each pass. But, shochu is single-distilled, preserving the natural flavors and aromas of the ingredients.

In Japan, shochu outsells sake by double. This is for many reasons including having no sugar or carbs. It also has fewer calories per serving size than sake, wine, beer or vodka.

Discover shochu, the original craft spirit of Japan.

Nankai Shochu and Tonic Recipe

Why Nankai?

The simple and easy answer is that our award-winning products are phenomenally smooth and delicious.

Nankai Shochu and Nankai Gold are single-distilled from artisanal kokuto sugar, a Japanese superfood.

Nankai Shochu is 100% vacuum-distilled from kokuto sugar, but has zero sugar, carbs, or gluten. It’s also less than 40 calories/oz.

Nankai Gold is a careful blend of several expressions, each finished for 3-5 years in a different cask. Rivaling Japanese whiskies, it is the culmination of Master Distiller Haseba’s dedication to shochu.

From Amami, Japan

NANKAI, which translates to the”South Sea,” is an homage to Amami, an island paradise off the southwestern coast of Japan.

Amami is where our exquisite kokuto, or “black sugar,” shochu has been handcrafted from premium sugarcane and rice using classic and modern techniques for over 60 years.


Our Mission

Much attention is rightfully given to Japan’s whiskey industry, but shochu is the national spirit.

Despite shochu’s health benefits, versatility, and complexity, it is still virtually unknown to most in the U.S. We’re here to change that.

Our mission is to introduce the beauty of shochu to a new audience through easy-to-drink shochus such as Nankai Shochu or complex, whiskey-like shochus such as Nankai Gold.

We hope you join us on this journey.