Vacuum-distilled Smooth taste

• No sugar, carbs, or gluten.
• Only 40 calories per ounce.
• Discover Shochu — Japan’s #1 Spirit.


Nankai Shochu is vacuum-distilled and carefully aged. The result makes Nankai clean, fragrant, and easier to drink than traditional shochus made from sweet potato or barley.

Zero Sugar & Carbs

Through the magic of distillation, there is NO SUGAR and NO CARBS in the final product, even if it is made from sugarcane. And we absolutely do not add any additional sugars.


Nankai Shochu is distilled from 80% sugarcane and 20% rice, both of which are naturally gluten-free. And, Nankai Shochu is all-natural without additives or flavorings.

Ultra Low Calories

Shochu has lower calories per serving size than vodka. A 1.5 ounce shot of shochu has about 60 calories versus 90 calories for vodka.

Heart Benefits

Drinking shochu stimulates urokinase enzymes (1.5x more than red wine) in the body that break up blood clots, reducing the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Tastes Great

Yes, this icon doesn't match the set, but we're pretty proud of our awards: Gold Medal 2018 LA Spirits Competition and Double Gold Medal SIP Awards. We think you'll agree with the judges.

Introducing Nankai

Nankai Shochu is a vacuum-distilled kokuto, or “black sugar,” shochu from Amami Island, Japan. 

Distilled from 80% black sugar and 20% rice, Nankai is sweetly fragrant with notes of pear, has a creamy mouthfeel, and a delicate finish.

Nankai Shochu Hero Image

Easy and Versatile

Incredibly easy to drink and highly enjoyable with food, this clean, smooth craft spirit is a perfect introduction to the shochu category.

Enjoy this Japanese spirit on the rocks, or discover its amazing versatility in cocktails.


Vacuum-distillation is an alternate method to atmospheric distillation, which boils alcohol at 173° F.

Vacuum-distillation uses a low pressure vacuum to lower the boiling point of alcohol to roughly 113° F.

This is much gentler on the moromi (mash) and the result is a more refined spirit.

Food Pairing

Nankai Shochu’s subtly sweet fragrance but clean taste can draw out the original food flavors of a dish.

Fresh seafood, grilled meat, pastas, and cheeses are just some of our favorite pairings.

Visit some of our restaurant partners to discover new and dazzling ways to pair Nankai with great food.

Nankai Food Pairing