“Bit By A Fox” Hosts Shochu Podcast

BBaF Shochu Podcast

Prairie Rose, the host of Bit By A Fox, is an award-winning writer that covers drink trends and all things boozy. She recently released a shochu podcast episode where she chatted with the co-founder of Nankai Shochu, Paul Nakayama.

Shochu is the best-selling spirit category in Japan, but is still relatively unknown in the U.S. In fact, despite being formally trained at the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust), Prairie admitted there was still a lot about shochu she didn’t know. This, of course, is common among U.S. alcohol industry people. It’s why Nankai Shochu is dedicated to spreading the word about Japan’s national craft spirit.

The shochu podcast covers what the craft spirit actually is and its differences from sake and Korean soju. They also delved a little into Nankai Shochu’s origins.

Following the shochu podcast, Prairie posted a number of videos on her Instagram page. The video features a live tasting of both Nankai Shochu and Nankai Gold. You can also learn about how to enjoy Nankai Shochu (on the rocks or in a cocktail!). Paul also covers making one of Nankai’s most popular cocktails, the Yuzu Pop, their take on a Moscow Mule.

If you would like to learn more about shochu or about Nankai, catch the shochu podcast here.