Bottles & Boxes: Shochu Pairing

Bottles & Boxes

If you wanted a crash course in kokuto, or, “black sugar,” shochu, look no further than this Bottles & Boxes video from WSET Level 3 sake specialist Aaron Diec. An avid sneakers and Japanese spirits enthusiast, Aaron marries his two loves with a unique pairing.

In this episode of Bottles & Boxes, Aaron pairs Nankai Shochu with a pair of Nike SB Lunar Janoski 8five2. Enjoy his live tasting notes and see if you agree with his breakdown.

Shochu is a unique Japanese distillate made from a variety of grains, such as sweet potato, barley, and black sugar. What makes shochu different from vodka or other distilled spirits is the use of koji (Aspergillus oryzae) and a single distillation method. Shochu usually ranges from 20-25% ABV, making it well-suited for food pairing, sipping, and cocktails.